It’s Smart To Invest In Renewable Energy Battery Technology

Renewable energy continues to captivate the imaginations of consumers across the country as the capacity for both wind and solar power is expected to double over the next five years. One of the primary reasons renewable energy isn’t being regularly used today is due to lack of storage. However, research is showing promising signs of change in this area. Batteries designed to store more renewable energy for longer periods of time are being developed by researchers and start-up companies. Investors are getting excited about the income potential several different types of storage batteries offer.

Today, batteries that capture solar energy for later use usually store enough sunlight to provide about two days of use. One of the biggest drawbacks is their cost, which can run between $5,000 and $15,000 for a battery that lasts between just five and twelve years. Since solar panels have a lifetime of at least 20 years, homeowners and other users can expect to buy at least two of these expensive batteries for their solar panels. Even more frustrating, the batteries aren’t extremely efficient. About 20 percent of the electricity generated by solar panels doesn’t even get to the batteries that are designed to store it.

Researchers are looking at ways to improve batteries that collect solar energy. One battery in particular combines the features of a solar panel with those of a rechargeable battery, making the battery much more efficient. The 20 percent loss of electricity has been eliminated and the the battery is much cheaper to produce, by about 25 percent, than batteries using existing technology. Start-up companies are also investigating the possibility of water-activated batteries for more common uses. Plastic batteries the size of typical double-A or triple-A batteries, can be stored indefinitely and then can be soaked in water to make them usable. Others can be activated by both salt water and fresh water and are made to be used with water survival gear.

Putting money into solar or water-activated battery stocks is an excellent way to invest in the newest energy resources that are expected to grow exponentially over the next few decades. Government grants and venture-capital funding are a good reason to consider renewable energy batteries as a money-making investment opportunity. For more information on renewable energy batteries, you could try here.